Frequently Asked Questions
Are these addresses real? Do they really work?
A short answer: YES. All our addresses are valid. We cannot guarantee that celebrities will answer, but you shouldn't have problems when trying to send them letters. They will receive your letter.
What information do you provide?
We list the contact address for each celebrity. This is the best address to send your letters to. Sometimes this is the home address, other times it is the address of the person that handles the celebrity's mail. It is not often a good idea to send letters to the home address, since most of the mail sent to celebrities home address is returned to the sender.
Do you list celebrity email addresses?
Once a celebrity's personal email address is leaked to the public, it is immediately changed. If you want to contact a celebrity by e-mail you can do so by e-mailing one of her representatives. We provide e-mail addresses for most of the celebrity representatives in our database.
Is my Credit card information protected?
To ensure maximum protection for your credit card we use a third party billing processor. All payments are made on a secure encrypted connection. We do not have access to your credit card information's, nor do we store any details about you on our database. Your privacy is totally protected with us.
I can't find a celebrity in your database. What can I do?
Most users can't find celebrities because they misspell the celebrity's name when searching. Please make sure you have spelled correctly the celebrity's name when searching. You should try searching by only the last name because celebrities usually have unique last names, or just a portion of the last name. If you still can't find the celebrity contact address just send us a request from the members area and we will try to find it for you. We have over 80% success rate when searching for celebrity addresses.
How often do you update your database?
We have two employees working 8 hours/day updating your database.
Can I have just one single address?
Sorry, you will have to purchase a one month membership to get access to our database. We know you will like it and you will want to contact more than just one celebrity.